Die Kelten

For a permanent archeological exhibition of the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) Marius Hügli and myself created an Augmented Reality book about the Celtic culture. 
Divided into six chapters the book tells the story about the rise and fall of the Celts in Switzerland.

Our goal for this project was to create a highly innovative and playful experience. Both the content and the installation should be memorable and create several “wow” moments.
On a magical journey the user learns about Celtic history, art, living and warfare.
The AR events reach from informative motion graphics to complex interactions, such as conducting an archeological dig!

This project was commissioned by Basel, CH based studio Anex & Roth which designed the exhibition. We also worked closely with archeologist Valentin Homberger who wrote the copy and created three 3D models. Our work was focused on designing the book, creating most of the multimedia content and imagery, programming all interactions and concepting the installation.

Software “Unifeye Design” by Metaio

Fully Booked by Gestalten Verlag